The University of Rhode Island is a public, land grant institution. That means that not only are they funded by the taxpayers for their operations, but they were also gifted the land they operate on by the government as part of the Morrill Act signed in 1862. The express purpose of the act was to provide the resources to educate the citizens that would form the backbone of the nation, at that time specifically tied to agriculture.

A century and a half later, URI deems social justice more essential to the national interest, as outlined in their Anti-Black Racism: An…

I know the exact date that YouTube started messing with my channel — it was August 26, 2020. My YouTube channel grew rapidly, hitting 100K subscribers in less than a year. There were days I would get more than 1,000 new subscribers a day, very consistently, every day for months…until August 26.

That’s when everything slowed to a crawl. YouTube stopped serving my content to people who weren’t already subscribed to my channel. In the last year, my channel has barely grown at all.

Here’s analytics from July 2020. Notice that 60% of the people watching my channel were unsubscribed…

The bill banning certain divisive concepts in New Hampshire was the first bill introduced that would curtail the advocacy for critical race theory in state agencies, contractors, and classrooms.

It passed the New Hampshire House after being attached to the state budget.

Today, the Republican-controlled Senate, under the direction of Republican governor Chris Sununu, gutted the bill, passing an amendment for a watered-down version of it that removed all the major provisions.

Among the provisions removed was a prohibition on teaching that America is a fundamentally racist country, and that hard work is white supremacy.

The amendment also removes provisions…

States left and right are introducing and passing bills to ban the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. When they do, the woke activists suddenly find a glorious love of free speech and the first amendment that somehow eludes when they’re canceling people for expressing an opinion they disagree with.

Using free speech as an argument against the idea of banning the teaching of critical race theory as fact might seem to be an easy one — it even suckered in my RINO Republican governor Chris Sununu.

But there’s a catch: Public school teachers do not have first…

Basecamp’s co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) are tech darlings and have written more extensively on corporate culture and collaboration than almost anyone else in the game.

And perhaps that’s why their announcement banning talk about politics on the company’s internal platform probably hit so hard.

We haven’t seen many companies standing up to the woke within their ranks: Red Bull’s CEO fired top executives in North America who were planning to bring racial justice initiatives into the company and Coinbase offered employees a severance package if they just couldn’t stomach the idea of leaving their politics at…

He has the backing of the GOP at all levels, from local politicians, all the way up to Donald Trump

So, we have a problem.

For months, I have been fighting for a bill in New Hampshire that would mirror Donald Trump’s executive orders banning critical race theory at a state level.

In the state of New Hampshire, Republicans control all levels of government — the house, the senate, and the governor.

And it’s that last one that is causing the problems, because it is my REPUBLICAN governor Chris Sununu who has done the most damage to this bill being passed.

The problems started right after the bill was introduced, when Chris Sununu ambushed his own party by publicly declaring he would veto the bill…

A week after Donald Trump was elected in 2016, I flew off to Peru for a 10-day spiritual retreat, and I truly believe that experience is the reason why I didn’t get sucked into the woke mindset when all of my friends did just a few years later.

The thing is that when you are truly secure with who you are and aren’t looking to others for validation, you are much less likely to engage in an authoritarian mindset that the woke have embraced.

That means that if you’re serious about being an unwoke activist, self-care is essential. Not only…

There seems to be confusion on the regressive left about what the definition of a Karen is. In the last few days, I have witnessed several of my left-leaning friends and acquaintances attempt to appropriate the term “Karen” to mean someone who is against wearing masks. Each time, they failed spectacularly at correctly using the term.

While this rampant misuse is itself hilarious, it is ultimately incorrect. In order to help things get back on track (so that those of us who have not yet lost our minds can continue to enjoy the correct use of the term), I crowdsourced…

On the evening of April 14, Nancy Pelosi took President Donald Trump to task in a series of tweets declaring his mishandling and incompetence of the coronavirus outbreak. She started each tweet with the statement “the truth is,” as though she is the sole arbiter of it.

The truth is a funny thing, oftentimes simply being a matter of perspective, often existing in shades of grey rather than in black and white. …

I have a few theories about what made my article about being a Democrat who went to a Trump rally go massively viral. Perhaps it was the novelty of the social justice crazy going on in the knitting community. Perhaps it was the experience of someone successfully overcoming Trump Derangement Syndrome when most people just seem to double-down. Perhaps it was that the conservative community wanting to celebrate luring a previously-staunch Democrat over to the “right” side of the aisle.

But mostly, I think that a message of civility was simply what a lot of people were craving after three…

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Organizational psychologist. Coach. Accidental commentator. Unwoke activist. Compulsive knitter. Find me at

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