He has the backing of the GOP at all levels, from local politicians, all the way up to Donald Trump

So, we have a problem.

For months, I have been fighting for a bill in New Hampshire that would mirror Donald Trump’s executive orders banning critical race theory at a state level.

In the state of New Hampshire, Republicans control all levels of government — the house, the senate, and the governor.

And it’s that…

A week after Donald Trump was elected in 2016, I flew off to Peru for a 10-day spiritual retreat, and I truly believe that experience is the reason why I didn’t get sucked into the woke mindset when all of my friends did just a few years later.

The thing…

Karlyn Borysenko

Organizational psychologist. Coach. Accidental commentator. Unwoke activist. Compulsive knitter. Find me at drkarlyn.com

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