Five Easy Ways To Bring Mindfulness To Work Without Meditating

Visualize a day full of productivity first thing in the morning.

Your work day starts before you ever leave the house because you start anticipating how the day is going to go as soon as you wake up, as you’re getting ready, and on the drive into the office. For example, you might anticipate a day full of meetings that are going to suck all your energy away or dread a difficult conversation you need to have with a person on your team. That’s making the choice to look at things in a way that will detract from your experience because if we anticipate things are going to go badly, we tend to focus our attention on the things we don’t like as confirmation, rather than seeing the opportunities in front of us.

Hit pause.

Things seem to be moving faster than ever. There’s too many deadlines, too many meetings, and not enough time in the day. And most people think that means they need to constantly be on the go, moving from one thing to the next without taking the time to breathe.

Turn off your email.

Studies show that multi-tasking is one of the biggest energy killers there is, decreasing your productivity by as much as 40%, and the constantly open inbox is one of the most vicious culprits of all. You could be deeply engrossed in a project when suddenly a notification pops up telling you that a new message has hit your inbox and suddenly you feel required to drop what you’re doing to answer it as quickly as possible. Every time an email distracts you from something you’re working on, you’re inhibiting your ability to truly focus on a single task.

Forgive your difficult co-workers.

If we didn’t have to interact with people who are in bad moods or generally have a curmudgeon disposition, work would be so much easier! But the reality is that there will always be people who make the choice to come into work and do things in the most difficult and frustrating way. If you meet that approach with annoyance, what are the chances of you having a positive interaction with that person? Likely, pretty slim.

Be grateful.

Finally, anytime you need a dose of positive vibes, you can simply make the choice focus your attention on the things that are going well and find a way to be grateful. The act of gratitude helps you to see that, no matter how much dark you have around you, there is also always light. Research has shown that those with a daily gratitude practice are able to change their brain over time, creating a much happier experience and freeing themselves from toxic emotions that just held them back. This isn’t a time-consuming process — just take a beat, look around and find things that enhance your experience



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